Tuesday, February 5, 2013

{Recipe} Blueberry Oatmeal Muffin

Man, I suck at naming new recipes. So, just call this whatever you want, I guess. Maybe there's a class I can take somewhere...

Anyways, this morning for breakfast I had a quick oatmeal creation. I'm all about the 2-ingredient oatmeal pancake (1 packet of instant oatmeal + 1 egg, combine and soak for 20 minutes then cook in a pan like a pancake) and the 5-minute cakes from Eggface. So, why not combine the 2 concepts and make oatmeal muffins in the microwave? Stroke of genius! Ok, maybe not, I'm sure it's been done before, but here's my version.

This is yet another difficult recipe. Very complicated process, requiring specialty equipment and exotic ingredients.

The Software:
6 ingredients

An egg, quick cooking/minute oats, milk, sweetener of choice, cinnamon, blueberries.
You guys have figured out that I'm a very sarcastic person, right?

3 pieces of equipment

A 1/4 cup measuring cup, a mixing device and your favorite coffee mug. Yes, mine is a Tuki Makeeta coffee mug from Rainforest Cafe. Judge all you want.
 *In hindsight, a skinnier mug would be better, because the muffin would be more muffin-y and less shaped like a hockey puck.

I suppose you could add a plate to the list of equipment needed, but you could also eat it right out of the mug, so that's *technically* not required, but optional.

I forgot to take pictures of the process, so you'll have to wing it on your own. What I did was this: crack the egg into the mug with a splash of the milk, and beat it well. Then thoroughly mix in the sweetener and cinnamon. This is easier to evenly mix in with the liquid before adding the solids. Stir the oatmeal in very well, then gently add the blueberries.
Stick this all in the microwave for 1 minute. If it's still too moist for you, go another 30 seconds.

 I took mine out and put it on a plate. Then decided it needed a little more. So, I added a dollop of whipped cream, a few extra berries and a dash of extra cinnamon. YUM!!

The possibilities are endless. I could see swapping SF maple syrup for the milk and using diced apples instead of blueberries. Or a splash of vanilla and mango pieces. Heck, even powdered peanut butter and bananas... Ooh boy!

{Recipe} Microwave Single-serving Blueberry Oatmeal Muffin
1 egg
1/4 cup quick cooking/minute oats
1 Tbsp or a good splash of milk
1 packet of splenda or a tsp or 2 of other sweetener (I used sugar-free brown sugar)
dash cinnamon
handful of blueberries
1. In a coffee mug, beat egg with milk, sweetener and cinnamon.
2. Mix in oats, then fold in blueberries.
3. Put in the microwave for 1 minute. Check, and if it's too wet still, then add another 30 seconds at a time until it's done. Don't over-do it or it will get crunchy and dry. Not tasty vittles!
4. Let it cool just a tad (it will pull away from the sides of the mug a little) then top it with a little whipped cream and extra fresh berries. You can turn it out on a plate if you really want to. Either way, just gobble it up and delight in the fact that it's delicious and good for you at the same time!

Try it out and let me know what you think!
Catch ya later,


  1. Hi Allyson,

    This is your foodie pen pal :-) I love this idea! It's so easy to eat a whole batch of muffins, because they'll go stale if you don't! Love the single serving idea. And, blueberries are on sale at Albertsons for $.99 a clamshell!

    1. Hi Kira! I am so excited, this is my first foodie pen pal!

      Yes, muffins are dangerous around here! If they are out and able to be getting stale, they must be eaten, because otherwise the dogs could get them, too.
      I wish we had Albertson's around here... Sometimes we get some decent produce sales, but I envy the sales I hear about from Albertson's shoppers.