Saturday, February 9, 2013

[Quick Tip] Stain Remover

OK, so this will be quick, because as I'm typing, Kid is yelling at me from the other room that we have to get ready to go... Cheerleading Nationals is this weekend. We actually don't have to be at the school until 2, which means leaving at 1:40, but it's 10:20, so clearly, we're rushed! The mind of a 13-year-old... Heh.

So, last weekend was cheerleading state competition (we got 2nd in our division!) and in the process of a 13-hour-day, someone somehow got bright red lipstick all over Kid's uniform sleeve. There is some controversy over how it actually got there, so that'll have to be another post. So I washed it, pouring a little extra detergent right over the spot and figuring that it would come out. No luck. Still there, still bright as it was when it first arrived. Search online and came up with some special product reviews you can purchase for the low low price of blah blah blah... Forget that, I need something right now.

Pinterest to the rescue! Went on to my Going Green Board and found a pin I posted before about Hydrogen Peroxide being the miracle worker in the house. Sure enough, this link had a recipe for getting yellow pit stains out of shirts with a cleaner made from the stuff.
I wound up making a tiny batch: 2 drops of dish soap, sprinkle of baking soda and a capful of hydrogen peroxide. Used a toothbrush while praying that it would work cause it was my Hail Mary option and I'm running outta time.

It came right out!! Tossed it in the laundry again to wash out the residue, and voila, like new. Looks like the stain had never been there!

Try it on any stains you've been putting off trying to get rid of and let me know if it works for you and what you used it on!

Wish us luck for Nationals!
Catch ya later,

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