Thursday, January 31, 2013

Time Flies...

Usually they say "when you're having fun", but fun or not, the days seem shorter and shorter. I think good old MN is running on the 20 hour/day time schedule here. Even with my insomnia, I'm not getting anything done!

Life Updates:
We are getting ready to move March 1st! We found an apartment that is going to be just big enough for the Man, the Kid and I. We'll have a pup (or 2) joining us, but my awesome mom has said she'll keep them so we can get settled. Good things are happening, and I am so happy!

We are getting married this year! Not sure when, how or where, but it will happen.

 Kitchen Happenings:
I am cooking and bento-making as much as possible. Yesterday, I made Nutella brownie/mini-muffin bites. They were overcooked, but still pretty yummy for a quick recipe. Today, I made a dump-chicken recipe for dinner so Kid and Man had food after cheer while I was at class. I snatched a bite when I was putting away leftovers after got home. It was pretty tasty! After the move, I'll be doing a lot more crock-pot meals and freezer cooking, so get ready for that ride. Tomorrow I'll post both of those recipes while Man is at work and Kid is at school.

Crafting Corner:
I knitted a few scarves in AVMS Cheer Team colors. Kid decided that she liked having options, so they didn't get sold gifted to the other cheerleaders, and are floating around this house.
I made my first spiral scarf. Wore it for a week until my dear friend commented on it, and I took it off and gave it to her. She promised me pictures of it on her cruise, so we'll see the fun it had. I'll be jealous from here, for sure!
I crocheted a few headbands that Kid promptly stole. I swear, the new house must have a locking door or I'm getting a gun safe just for my projects! ;)

Exciting thing for the blog this month: I'm joining a group of Foodie Penpals! I will get a pal assignment on the 5th, and I will contact that person to get their mailing address, food requests/preferences/requirements (allergies, eating preferences, lifestyle info, etc.). Then, I get to go shopping! I'll send my package out, then I'll get a package in the mail, too. Sounds like so much fun! Extra exciting: on the last day of the month, I'll blog all about the stuff I got, and maybe get to link to the blog for my pal. Check out the info page HERE if you want the dets.

I'll be on here more often, I'm forcing myself to use this as the outlet I intended it to be, and I have a ton of creative projects just sitting waiting to be shared with the world!

Catch ya later,

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